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GrapeShow was conceived and built by Zack Jenks and designed, in part, by Scott Wills. The application was built around one very simple idea: everyone has a story to tell and every story is in some way connected. We wanted to demonstrate this in a fun and entertaining way. It began as a simple Neverending Story contest and grew from there. Our mission is to connect the world's Grapes (videos) to one another using our unique blend of Vines (contests) to create a collaborative Grapevine (story). In order to be part of this Grapevine, your Grapes must compete against a Bunch of Grapes and get hand-picked by our Pickers (viewers).

We want to reward all of our users as much as possible in the process. The application is community driven and keeping you, the heart and soul, happy is our number one priority. There are many reasons why we think you will love GrapeShow and want to be a part of it; here are just a few:

  1. You can win money and other cool prizes.
  2. We pride ourselves on having creative contests that allow you to compete and connect.
  3. You are the writer, director, and star!
  4. It's like tagging with videos, a reverse mash-up, playing video scrabble, watching a choose your own adventure, joining hands across the world (w/ video). Whatever your take, it's a lot of fun!
  5. You might learn something in the process.
  6. And, the timeless Grapevine is calling your name.

For more information about the building of GrapeShow, check out our blog, Something Ventured. If there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable, please let us know.

Bon Appetite!