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The Winners Guide

When you win here at the GrapeShow, we want to reward you as much as possible. Therefore, not only will you receive any prize offered up by the contest holder and sponsors, you will also get a cut of the profits we make during your winning round. The only question is: how much? Part of the answer, of course, lies in how many sponsors we were able to attract and how much they contributed toward advertising. The second part of the answer, however, lies within this guide. It could mean the difference between you getting 0% of the proceeds or us splitting it with you 50-50. So read on.

Rule #1: Follow the rules of conduct

If you break this rule, you won’t win anything and you may even be banned from the site. So please, follow the rules and do not engage in any deceptive or deceitful behavior. This includes spamming! If we determine that you mass-spammed our users in order to show off your grape, you will receive $0 for your round. You can promote your Grape all you want on your site or to your friends or however you choose, but spamming strangers is not acceptable behavior and violates our rules of conduct.

Rule #2: Incorporate the GrapeShow Logo

The normal cap on profit sharing is 33%. So when you win, you could potentially receive this percentage of the ad revenue earned during your round. However, if we find that you have incorporated the GrapeShow logo into your entry, prior to winning, this cap increases to 50%.

Rule #3: Show off your Grape

Yep, we want you to show off your grape and we’ll make it worth your while if you do. Provided you abide by Rule #1, you automatically start off with 10% of the proceeds. Which is pretty good, but you can bring that number up substantially. We track the unique/registered visitors that view your grape during the Consume, Grow, and Harvest Seasons immediately following your win. And you can too, on your Grape details page. For every visitor your Grape gets (the visitor must visit the details section of your grape) during that period, we’ll increase your winnings by 1% of the leftover pot, not to exceed your cap (as determined by Rule #2). Get 100 visitors and you get 100% of your cap.